Tuesday, 14 January 2014

fancy a bendersnatch?

Ooooo yes please! As you may be aware I have a bit of a thing for Micheal Fassbender, and yes I admit it, for Benedict Cumbersnatch too! I would happily accommodate both of these charming young men for a playful hour or two (actually it would probably only need to be 20 minutes)! 

Both such intense, talented actors, and having seen MB's goods already (courtesy of the film Shame) I just know it would be a total thrill! Just look at them here (okay I'm not keen on the beard Michael, too ginger, rough and scratchy...) grooving together at the Globes After Party! Naughty, naughty boys. I wish I'd been there, between them both, merry from Mo√ęt and up for a quickie in an alley somewhere... What?! A girl can dream right!

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