Monday, 13 January 2014

the not so golden globes...

Here's the 'oh dear' list... Not good looks pretty ladies.  Not good looks at all...

Doesn't Heidi Klum seem to just pop up 
everywhere these days? Was she even invited? 
She looks a tad cowgirl/home applique/
skank in this Marchesa ensemble. Too much.

This is what happens when you cross artificial
flowers from a retro swim cap with a 90s sleeveless
jacket made out of an old shower curtain! Sorry
Ms Bejo, it's a "No" from me.

Zoe, Zoe, Zoe. Very disapointed!  Positives first.  

Love the shoes! Louboutin Pigalles. Smart choice.  
The dress however? YUK!  What the hell is it?! Awful.
Prabal Gurung, you were obviously pissed when you 
designed this one! Playgroup sticky craft table gone 
horribly wrong...

Julia hon, I knew you'd wear something safe, 
but why oh why did you wreck the classic D&G 
strapless dress with an old fucking business shirt?!
It just makes me angry ANGRY!

Front view of Emma Watson's boring back to front dress...

Back view of this bizarre combo. Leggings?!
Easy access for a quick shag at the after party
perhaps, that might work...

Paula Patton thought her bedsheets would make a 
good over the shoulder throw/snuggie... handy if she gets 
bored or too drunk and nods off.

Dior was obviously having an off day when he designed this dull number. 
What's with the hip band? They way it bags out in a puff around the arse.
Ugh. Ugly, boring, way too meringue like. 

And Jen PLEASE grow back our hair!

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