Friday, 31 January 2014

the highs and lows of a shoe addict...

I was so ridiculously excited about going to the Tony Bianco $60 shoe sale this morning. I had adrenalin pumping through my veins in anticipation of treating myself to a pair of sexy new heels. I admit I am a heelaholic, it's totally silly how much my heart races at the thought of new shoes. 

But then came the massive anti climax, sulk, panic, minor tantrum, then crashing low... Grrrr!!! I didn't buy ANYTHING!!! 

The Tony Bianco store didn't have any stilettos! Just open toe boots (sorry toes and boots don't mix in my opinion, unless you're an 18 year old supermodel), big platform wedges (to reminiscent of polio correctional shoes), low heeled sandals (boring granny style) and SHOES THAT I ALREADY HAVE! So bloody disappointed. I could have bought the black 'Alamo' but I love them more in the tan pair I already own!

In the end I bought four pairs of 'on-the-rebound' shoes, because I HAD TO BUY SOMETHING! They are everyday, wearable shoes that I only bought because they were marked down to $8 a pair! Yes, $8 a pair! From a shop called City Chic. Good brands too, all leather (or soft suede) from Robert Robert, Diavolina and Basque. But I'm still sulking. Immature I know. I'll be alright in the morning...

Diavolina wedge, Basque wedge, Diavolina court, Robert Robert chunky heel

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