Friday, 6 September 2013

I am complete

They came!!!! F**k! I have my beautiful babies! And I LOVE them!!!! The anxious wait was SO worth it! And now they are here!!! I was almost afraid to open the box...

They are so high and so sexy and just a perfect, beautiful, classic, most gorgeous pair of heels ever! 

I can't stop looking at them. And standing around in front of the mirror in them. My own pair of Christian Louboutin Pigalle 120s!!! Mine! All mine!

The fit perfectly. One of the only Louboutin styles that are made true to size. But blimey they really are sky high! They are my highest pair. It's like walking on your tippy toes. Will I wear them out? Not yet. I need to savour them for a while...

A massive thank you again to all my lovely friends who enabled me to own the dream! This birthday present will not be beaten.


My beautiful red soled heels. I still can't believe they are mine!

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