Tuesday, 17 September 2013


I remember Cicciolina, the Hungarian-born Italian porn star turned politician (fronting the Party of Love). She made the news in the late 80s/early 90s for going into parliament with one boob on display, wearing pink and white lacy underwear as outerwear and riding around on a white horse. But it was in Amsterdam (with my boyfriend at the time), that I really got to see her in action (ahem). She 'acted' a particularly memorable scene with a red lolly pop... I was there, of course, to indulge in the city's highlights, including the hotel porn channel, seedy red light district with its live and video booth shows, smoky bars and beautiful cafes. What can I say? I was young and up for anything (well almost).

Anyway, dear Miranda has donned a blonde wig and channelled her inner Ciccolina for V Magazine #85. Miranda is much prettier than the real deal and has a better set of baps (just saying!) but I'm not keen on her as a blond.

This is how I collect my dozen freshly laid eggs in the morning too!

The quick flash by Mrs Bloom

White wedding Ciccolina style. That fence doesn't look very comfortable...
V Magazine #85. Shot by Sebastian Faena. Styled by Julia Von Boehm

The real Ciccolina. Funny, Tony Bianco have fringed
heels like that on sale at the moment. Don't like them.

Ciccolina as a butterfly flapping her wings...

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