Wednesday, 18 September 2013

today I am wearing...

A maxi. I felt like wearing something long and floaty today, after all the lovely fashion week dresses and cause the sun's out and it's warm and summery. (BTW - can I just say I'm really not keen on the term 'maxi' dress. Am I the only one who thinks of 'maxi pad'?! You know the post birth nappy pads that feel like you have a loaf of bread between your legs...??)

I picked up this blue sun dress in Target yesterday. Off the clearance rack (of course!) for only $10 down from $49! It's perfect for the hot, humid summer season, I'll wear it a lot, especially when lounging at home. It's super cool (as in temperature) and comfy. I quite like the colour too. I don't normally wear bright blue. 

Crepe cotton sun dress from Target. Was $49. Mine for $10.

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