Thursday, 12 September 2013

not so rosy

Cheryl Cole! Why did you do this to yourself?! Just why? I just DON'T GET IT!!! Why cover up your peachy, perfect bottom with a hideous tattoo that looks like you have serious burns?!! I'm sorry, but if I was taking you from behind, I'd be too distracted with the question 'WTF?' and it would put me off my game! Ugh! I HATE it! Your once sexy, young, flawless back and arse are now ruined.

Sorry, but that's my opinion. I know it's your body and no doubt you'll have some 'story/meaning' (bollocks!) for getting this 'body art' (pfft!) but I just do not, and will never get it. Horrible. 

Ms Cole's rosy cheeks!

Cheryl! Why love, why???

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