Wednesday, 11 September 2013


It's bull


Don't you just f**king hate bull shitters? You know the types. They've done everything first, bigger, better, faster, longer, stronger, better, bigger... than anyone else. And they breed kids who have the same annoying jumped up self promoting attitude. Ugh. 

Give me an honest, two way, interested, enthusiastic conversation any day, with open, honest, interesting, down to earth people.

Just ranting. And don't panic, this isn't about anyone in particular. Just feeling hormonal. My tits are sore, little things are making me seethe. Like when I dropped my wooden spoon and sauce splattered everywhere, and I said "fk shit fk shit" in front of the kids and had a minor tantrum about my crap day (because I didn't tick everything off my To Do list)... I'm going to stop now.  Before I rant some more and bore you all silly!

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