Monday, 15 October 2012

today I am wearing...

I felt like getting down to business today, so dressed for the office.  Sometimes I miss the corporate world. I did enjoy my time working in the big city in a flashy office in a cool part of town.  I felt confident and could hold my head up high and feel part of the steady pulse of a city that never sleeps. I loved the people I worked with too.  The cheeky banter, my lovely office husband, the slick ambitious girls and the clever, playful suited boys.  Long alcohol fuelled lunches in new restaurants, meetings in trendy cafes, over strong coffee, watching the world go by and gossipping, late nights in loud, smokey bars and rushing blind to catch the last tube home...

So for today, I slipped on my black crepe Cue dress and Steve Madden black patent stilettos, and my pearls (of course).

Cue dress, Steve Madden black patent stilettos.

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