Tuesday, 9 October 2012

jay jays

Not a shop I normally frequent, but a sale rail of cute summer dresses at Jay Jays caught my eye today. So in I went to try a few styles on. I ended up with this spotty strapless jersey dress with pink or yellow belt, for only $15!!! Love it cause I can wear it with or without a bra and dress it up (with heels) or down (with thongs) and it's not too short (meaning acceptable for someone of my old age), and as you know, I love a dress with a little belt.  It's my absolute must accessory.

Pink or Yellow?

So pop in next time you're passing and snag yourself a cheap sun dress or two! How can you go wrong for $15?!! There were lots of pretty styles to choose from, here are my favs:

All from Jay Jays for $15.

Check out www.jayjays.com.au

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