Tuesday, 23 October 2012

today I am wearing...

I’ve been trapped in some weird time warp today which has made me late, late, late for everything!  I’ve been going along at normal speed, doing my normal morning things (feeding the cats, juicing fruit, eating breakfast, making sandwishes, drying my hair, deciding what shoes to wear, taking the kids to school), but time has just gone too fast! I just don't understand? Maybe it's the gale force winds that we're having at the moment, blowing time along in gusts, resulting in a strange push and pull... a windy whirlwind! I can feel the pressure in the air too, building...

I chucked on this old Wayne Cooper dress today, that I bought ages ago and haven't worn for a while. My pearls and faithful black patent Diana Ferarri Signature stilettos complete my outfit.

Wayne Cooper silk cotton ruffle dress, Diana Ferarri Signature heels

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