Tuesday, 2 October 2012

today I am wearing...

I didn't have a particularly satisfying weekend.  We just seemed to laze about and not do very much, which was nice, but then when we wanted to go out, it started raining (which we needed, as it hasn't rained for months).  So I went shopping.  I tried on heaps of dresses and shorts (they look awful on me!) and ended up with just this one.  $25 from Hot Options (Taarjay). I really like the gold metal belt detail.  It's actually a size too big (they didn't have my size), but I though I could get away with it.

There are just so many different styles around at the moment.  It really is a case of anything goes.  Tribal prints, polka dots, stripes, pastels, colour blocking, florals, 80s style, classic shapes, vintage inspired... you name it, if it suits you - wear it!

Hot Options dress with Tony Bianco nude heels

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