Tuesday, 23 October 2012


I may offend some of my more politically correct readers with this post, but I’m not going to apologise. I’m entitled to my opinion right?

When I stopped off to pick up a (much needed) coffee this morning, on my way into work, I was in the queue behind a ginormously obese young (ish) woman. Her backside was so huge, it really did look like a freakishly large prize-winning cauliflower in a black bag! I just stood there unable to peel my eyes away, thinking to myself, ‘how the hell do you get that big?’ then, ‘how the fuck can she wipe her arse?’ her little chubby arms couldn’t possibly reach that far... Then, I couldn’t help but listen to her order, intrigued to see if she would go for a low fat option. Two muffins and an iced coffee, ahh no surprise there then. I just won’t get it. Being a bit over weight is one thing, as you know I‘m not one to starve myself and work out in order to have the ‘perfect’ body. It’s nice to have ‘soft womanly curves’. I eat my fair share of my favourite salt and vinegar crisps and gorge myself on yummy cheese and butter and bread, I have cellulite and flabby thighs that I prefer to hide... BUT! How can you let yourself get that big? And please don’t make excuses in defense of these fatties. I just can’t accept that all of a sudden every other person has an ‘addiction’ to food, and they just can’t stop themselves (bollocks!) or has had to turn to food to comfort themselves because of stress or past troubles (pfft!), or can’t afford healthy food (oh please!).

When I was at school there was one fat kid, just one. Her life was hell. And compared to the size of people nowadays, she was slim! So, why, why, in the last decade or so, has it become acceptable to be really, really fat? I no it sounds harsh, but it shouldn’t be okay. It’s horrible. I find it offensive.



  1. I agree, more people need to feel this way and speak about it out loud. I teach my kids being fat is unhealthy and not acceptable. eat less, move more. it really is that simple. we don't need to look like supermodels, but we need to fit into aeroplane and bus seats.

  2. We have two "fatties" in my daughters ballet class (aged 6 and needs a size 14??) and honestly, I find it very difficult as we are trying to squeeze them into costumes to buy into the whole 'we all come in different shapes and sizes'.

    But I will say that, because I want her and my daughter and every other person within hearing, to think beyond their weight (which at this age is seriously her parents' fault)to realise weight is NOT everything, it's one aspect of life. It matters heaps more to me that one of them is rude, naughty and a spoilt brat.

    You make your choices (to not be that fat, and to express what we all think quietly in our heads) and she made hers (2 muffins and a coffee...)