Wednesday, 31 October 2012

ladies who lunch Melbourne cup style

I am really annoyed and perplexed. One of my dress options for the Melbourne Cup lunch next week (remember the dusky pink satin Cooper Street number?) has a mysterious stain on it! Can't get it off... Bloody bloody bugger! How do you get a stain simply by hanging in the wardrobe?! (No it's not mould) Aghh! I've tried everything and it won't come off.  I'm still going to wear it. Sod it.

I'm actually not sure what to wear as yet (I start my outfit from the shoes up, sooo...). I need to decide so I can get a fascinator. Stupid things. But they suit me better than a hat. I don't do hats. They look ridiculous on me. I blame my pin head. So a silly feathery fascinator it has to be. Still, it'll be fun to dress up with the ladies and have a jolly afternoon.

Diva fascinator with veil $24.99
I actually do like this one...

Update: Diva has a great collection of well priced fascinators and hair clips.  Much better than the Myer and Target selection.  I ended up buying a silver and diamant√© headband instead. It's really pretty and I'll be able to wear it with whatever dress I finally settle on wearing...and I'm going to wear it to my neice's wedding too, it'll go with both the dresses I plan to wear (ceremony and dinner). Sorted!

My retro blingy headband.  $10 at Diva. Bargain!

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