Wednesday, 23 October 2013

middle aged madness

I've just finished a booked called Mutton by India Knight. I really enjoyed it and must admit to giggling quite a few times whilst reading. It's a story of a 46 year old divorced mother of three who starts to question what's 'age appropriate' when you're in your 40s. I am a little embarrassed at how much I related to this book, which is essentially an honest exploration of what it means to be a female hitting 'middle age' and what happens when the builders stop whistling at you, lines start to appear on your face and you start to question what you can wear so that you still look cool without being 'mutton'.

This book resonated with me because it's a strange phase of life that I'm currently journeying into. I'm not really 'young' anymore, and while I'm totally okay with that, I am actually quite content and happy with myself, I don't want to be 'old'.  At some point in the next decade, no matter how fit and healthy, I will cross that line of looking middle aged, and I admit I don't like the prospect of becoming invisible. But then again I don't want to become obsessed with looking great no matter what cost. 

Once again, as always, it's all about balance isn't it? About being happy with yourself and surrounding yourself with honest, like minded people who 'get' you and your quirks and just enjoy the here and now and making the most of what you have.

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