Friday, 25 October 2013

bloody ugly shoes

These shoes aren't aimed for women over 30, but unfortunately they will be worn by women who get sucked into what's 'on trend' and forget that it's actually about what looks good on them...

This seasons summer shoes are quite frankly ugly and are just way to reminiscent of shoes for people who have something wrong with their legs or feet (without wanting to sound mean about the disabled)... My English teacher at school, Mr Saunders, had not choice but to wear hideous shoes not dissimilar to these ghastly examples.  He suffered from Polio as a child, one leg was a lot shorter than the other, so had to wear a huge platform on one foot.  He was a cool teacher, everyone liked him, so no one took the piss, but those shoes... They are burnt into my memory. Uggghhh.

I will NOT be buying any of these My Tony Bianco. 

If any of my dear readers are insane enough to like these you can buy them here.

Tony Bianco Ranee in white $189.95
Tony Bianco Jayme in black $109.95
Tony Bianco Bella in black suede $149.95

Tony Bianco Jener in white $159.95

Tony Bianco Deon in fudge $159.95

Tony Bianco Radical in black $159.95

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  1. I AGREE WHOLEHEARTEDLY . They are hideous!!!