Tuesday, 22 October 2013

pregnancy no no

No I'm certainly not pregnant. And this isn't a mumsy blog. But I have to tell you, I was truly shocked by something I saw the other day, outside my local shopping centre, as I walked back to my car.

So shocked that I couldn't help but stare with a confused, horrified, disgusted look on my face (oh dear I'm turning into an old hag who looks like she's sucking on a sour sweet). There was a young lady (well younger than me) massively, heavily, stomach strainingly, about to pop any minute pregnant, walking along with her partner - sucking on a cigarette! I mean deep drags, filling her lungs like her life depended on it. She saw me. I couldn't look away. She enjoyed seeing my horror struck face, so she took another long drag and blew the smoke in my direction!

Who does that? It's 2013. We know better. Who smokes (in broad sunny day public), without a care in the world while pregnant?! I'm sorry but what a skank. No excuses. 

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