Monday, 14 October 2013


Actors showing us their orgasmic faces to promote Lars Von Thier's new movie Nymphomaniac (Lars produced the controversial film Idiots in 98). Very effective and intriguing. I like them. I like the simple design of the images. The posters combined with Shia LaBeouf telling MTV News that the A Lister's would engage in real sex for the camera, has resulted in a lot of media coverage about this movie (it turns out they have cast porn actors for the real sex bits). 

So where do you stand on actual sex in movies, mainstream movies, not porn...? By that I mean proper movies that have story lines but also real sex scenes, rather than films just about the sex.

I'm undecided. No. Actually I think it's unnecessary. It turns a film, however good/arty the story into a porn film. Just a more 'high brow' one. It complicates the film and in some cases feels wrong, like you're perving on someone's most intimate moments. I feel it also crosses some kind of line with the actor too. Do we really need to see someone famous getting off whilst 'acting'?

I really enjoyed Caligula, the film starring Peter O'Toole, Helen Mirren and Malcolm McDowell. I first saw the uncut version in Amsterdam in the early 90s. A good film, but with porno bits and a big mass orgy.

And, 9 Songs, the 2006 film which features sex, masturbation, oral and ejaculation. A story about a normal couple and their relationship. Again, a good film, but it's still porn really. Would the film have even made headlines if it didn't have explicit footage? And I've never seen the actors in anything else.    

There have been a few others too, mainly European, but the English ones, you may have heard of include, Romance, Intimacy, Shortbus, Ken Park, and of course, Brown Bunny featuring Chloe Sevigny giving a blow job...(totally over rated!).

Maybe I'm just getting old, but I think some things are better left to your imagination. I find the subject of sex immensely fascinating and I am not anti porn at all (although there are limits and boundaries) but, I think in film, it's just to get attention. 



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