Wednesday, 30 October 2013

supre sale

Supre is not a shop I frequent. Figure hugging, short, Lycra clothes for the under 30s - usually. Yesterday however, this was not the case. I happened to be at DFO (buying a fascinator for a Melbourne Cup lunch next week) when my eyes popped at the words Supre $5 SALE! Oooo happy days!!! It was a bit of a jumble inside the store, rack upon rack of dresses, but I still ended up in the changing room with about 16 things to try on! I came away with four dresses and a (hate the word) pant-suit! Perfect dresses for summer, including the one below. The other three are long. All jersey and super wearable. All $5! I'll post pics soon.

Brisbane ladies, get yourself down to DFO!

Opps! Should have sucked my stomach in - it looks like a fanny!

Supre $5 (was $40) stripey dress and tan Witchery wedges

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