Wednesday, 20 February 2013

today I am wearing...

Most Sunday afternoons I head to Coles to do the weekly food shop (ugh). I always go dragging my feet and clutching my bundle of enviro bags, but with good intentions of buying new things, expanding my repertoire, finding exciting (easy) inspiration to cook up something healthy and nutritious, but I never do. Same old same old. I end up buying the same stuff.  Oh to have a personal chef, who can be bothered and loves to cook... 

Anyway, the Sunday food shop is sightly more enjoyable now as I always finish off with a browse around the Mix Apparel section, specifically the clearance rack. I normally pop something into my trolley, and this week I succumbed to this loose black tie-belted shift dress. It's been on the rack for a few weeks, so it was marked down to $8 (!!!), how could I resist?!  It's actually really good quality and completely lined. I quite like it. 

I'm quite impressed with the Mix stuff so far. I hope they keep it going.

Mix Apparel dress with Witchery slingbacks

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