Tuesday, 3 December 2013

miss bunny-moss

As you know I have a girl crush on Kate Moss. We really would be best friends if we ever met. Kate, Angie and me - what a threesome we would make!

I love that Hugh wanted Kate for the 60th Anniversary issue of Playboy. Classy, elegant, skanky, whore, all in one sexy small breasted package. 

Oh, have you noticed the stilettos? Yes, you're spot on! My shoes! My beautiful, perfect Christian Louboutin a Pigalle 120s! Really no other shoe would do!

The launch party was held at Marc Jacobs in London. Only Kate (looking like Bridget Bardot) could make that coat look good! A serious style icon is this little lady.

Marc Jacobs, London

Playboy 60th Anniversary Cover. Love it!

Kate Moss as Miss Playboy Bunny

God she's gorgeous.  Oh Kate...

The icon herself
Kate arriving at the launch

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