Friday, 14 February 2014

happy valentines to me!

Had a shit couple of hours sorting out work invoice queries this afternoon. I hate invoice queries. Figures and maths do my head in. Ugh. But once a month I have media bills to reconcile. Thank God it's only a small part of my job. After that I figured I deserved a treat (it is Valentines Day after all)! I had 20 minutes to kill before the school run and needed (needed) retail therapy! Closet shop, Target. That had to do. 

Here are my browse-through-the-rails-and-try-on-really-quick choices.

I ended up gettting the two dresses (surprise surprise). The Aztec t-shirt dress $20 (was $29) and the black jersey (blend) rouched bodycon dress $40 (almost identical to a Witchery dress I resisted last week marked down to $69). I like the pantsuit, but they are just not-me and it was a bit cheapy-shiny (but only $39).

Two dresses. Better than roses and chocolates anyday!

Aztec dress $20. Jumpsuit $39. Bodycon dress $40. All from Target.

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