Friday, 8 November 2013

3 of the 4

This dress is a bit of a different look for me, but for $5, I thought I'd give it a go. This is item number three from the Supre $5 sale (see last weeks post). It's super dooper comfy on and I love that I don't need a bra, due to the low sides, so it's great for summer.

Little Miss L wasn't impressed though and asked if I'd do the 'drop and go' at school rather do than our normal walk into the playground for a kiss goodbye. I asked her why and she wouldn't answer. Then it suddenly hit me that she didn't like my outfit. I asked her if she was embarrassed by me, or what I was wearing and she just cringed and said, "I just don't want you to come in Mum!" 

Bloody charming! Do all mothers embarrass their kids at some point?  Mine did because they were old, they stood out and I hated them coming to school. I never really thought I'd embarrass mine though, other than the normal growing up and not wanting to be seen hanging around your parents stage.  I said to Miss L, "Imagine if I was fat and wore ugly shoes and horrible frumpy dresses! Look around you - I'm a cool Mummy!".  She still wasn't impressed, just shrugged her shoulders and made me promise not to go beyond the entrance gates!

Rainbow Supre $5 sale dress with Havaianas (thongs)

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