Friday, 5 April 2013

comfort v style

I want to be a cool looking 'older' lady.
I will not wear shapeless clothes and have a clone 'hair cap'.

When does it happen?  When do you make the shift to thinking about comfort over style?  Not just with clothes and shoes, but with haircuts and even furniture?

Is it a sign of giving up, having low self esteem, or just being content to just blend in to the background and not caring any more. Or is it just age?  Do you hit 45, 50, 60 and say, righteo, time to cut off my long locks and turn into a short haired, masculine looking, boring clone, with 'comfortable shoes'! (and ugly sofas)? I feel sorry for the partners of these people, not if they've both 'gone to seed' but if one is drab and the other still looks like they make an effort.

I often wonder if some people just don't look in the mirror. They can't. Can they? Do they see what I see, well obviously not.

I don't mean we all have to be totally effected, high maintenance, fashion addicts with gorgeous homes.  I mean acceptable. Nice. Normal. After all, it's not hard is it, to look okay.  Just avoid pigging out on the wrong foods, don't sit around permanently getting flabby, go for a walk, laugh, have sex at least once a week and wear nice clothes (and shoes). Easy. No excuses.  Okay - well maybe when you're 80.  But not yet - not in your 30/40s. 

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