Friday, 1 March 2013

biggest fattie

Okay. I may offend some of you. This is not a politically correct post. But, I have to ask... Is anyone else sick of the Biggest Fatty, oops I mean Loser, ads on Channel Ten? God, they annoy the crap out of me! Fat parent and fat kid facing each other in a fake 'motivational-therapy-let's do this together and break the cycle' session. Oh please, barrff!

How can these parents let their kids get that fat in the first place??!! It's a form of bloody abuse! Kids shouldn't get fat! A little chubby perhaps, a little extra, that's fine. But obese by 18, a stroke by 19, diabetes by 14... come on! That's not acceptable. And sorry, I don't buy the poorly educated, no role model, working class, addicted to food crap. Just stop eating! Don't feed your kid so much junk!

When I was growing up, at school, none of us came from wealthy or privileged backgrounds. Most people came from council estates, and there was only one fat kid at school. Just one. So what's changed in the last 20-odd years since I left school? Everyone has to be a victim, or an addict, or have a mental health problem (ADHD etc etc)...

Yes, I admire the 'contestants' for putting their hands up to do something about it, working together to improve their lives blah, blah, blah. But really, is getting on a TV show so you can tell your story to millions what it takes?!

Ten's Biggest Loser 2013 starts soon...

Yes. Me hot and bloody sweaty after my run this morning!
Soaked is an understatement! My top is saturated. Nice!


  1. nice tits love.

  2. Hahaha, yes thanks. My flat pancakes!

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